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Boulder Public Library Rules of Conduct

New Rules of Conduct will go into effect January 2, 2015.

Revised February 6, 2013; effective May 31, 2013

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The Boulder Public Library Commission has adopted the following rules of conduct to protect the rights and safety of library patrons, volunteers, and staff.  These rules apply to everyone in the library, except for city employees and contractors of the city doing work at the library. "Library' shall mean all parts of the interior of the Main Boulder Public Library and all branch libraries, including, without limitation, the entrance structures of the Main Boulder Public Library.  Any person who violates these rules of conduct may be subject to suspension of privileges in accordance with the procedures of Section 5-5-18, "Suspension of Facility Privileges," Boulder Revised Code (B.R.C.) 1981.

Unattended Children Policy

No person may:

  1. disturb other patrons or library staff or volunteers so as to disrupt their use of any library facility or their work including and not limited to, inappropriate use of personal equipment, (cellular phones, computers of any kind, radios, music players, video display devices);
  2. use any other person's library or Internet courtesy card to obtain any library services without their permission; 
  3. manipulate or bypass library software systems such as those that regulate computer use or tamper with library computer hardware or accessories;
  4. lie down, doze or sleep in any library facility except this rule shall not apply to children;
  5. bring a weapon into or possess a weapon, except as expressly permitted by state law;
  6. use the restrooms for bathing, shaving, washing, rinsing or drying hair, or washing, rinsing or drying clothing;
  7. go barefoot or shirtless;
  8. eat anything while in any library facility except in designated areas such as: public meeting rooms, Main Library Bridge seating area, and exhibit spaces during scheduled events;
  9. ride a skateboard, bring or ride a bicycle, wear or use rollerblades or roller skates, or jeopardize the safety of anyone in any library facility;
  10. bring into, or possess alcoholic beverages in any library facility, without prior approval of the Library and Arts Director and/or the Library Commission, or enter the library while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol;
  11. chew tobacco or products containing tobacco in any library facility;
  12. carry, lead, bring an animal into any library facility, or cause an animal to enter a library facility, with the exception of service animals under the control of their owners for person or persons with disabilities;
  13. be in any library facility, without the permission of an authorized library employee, outside of standard operating hours;
  14. seek or collect signatures from the general public on a petition in any library facility;
  15. solicit donations of money or anything of value, or  sell or take orders for anything of value in any library facility with the exception of persons who are conducting a commercial transaction with the city and at its request or who are participating in library-sponsored activities;
  16. bring into any library facility oversized items larger than a total of 50 linear inches, e.g. 10" X 16" X 24", with the exception of  presentation and/or meeting room equipment;
  17. leave bags and other personal items unattended; 
  18. steal, damage or alter any library property (with the exception of normal wear and tear), including, without limitation, any computer equipment, systems, or software;
  19. smoke, as defined in Section 6-4-2 B.R.C. 1981 or any successor ordinance, in any library facility or in enclosed outdoor seating and garden areas with direct access to library facilities or within 15 feet of an entrance;
  20. commit harassment of another person, within the meaning of Section 18-9-111 Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) or any successor statute, in any library facility;
  21. commit indecent exposure, within the meaning of Section 18-7-302 C.R.S. or any successor statute, in any library facility;
  22. sell or possess illegal drugs in any library facility.

People who commit any criminal acts in library facilities may be subject to criminal prosecution as well as suspension of all library privileges.

Suspension of Library Privileges

Security personnel or the Library and Arts Director, Deputy Library Director, the manager on duty, or their designee may restrict access to library facilities with immediate dismissal of the person from the premises by suspending the person's access to library facilities for a set period of time or by denying access to specific services and/or programs.

The suspension period shall be reasonably related to the severity of the offense and its danger to public health, safety, and welfare and shall not, except for criminal offenses of a sexual nature, exceed one year. Suspension of privileges shall range from 24 hours (for a relatively minor first offense) up to one year.  A suspension period of more than one year shall be issued in accordance with Section 5-5-18 B.R.C. 1981.

Right of Appeal

Pursuant to Section 5-5-18, "Suspension of Facility Privileges" and Chapter 1-3, "Quasi-Judicial Hearings," B.R.C., a patron found in violation of the rules of conduct has the right to request a hearing to appeal a suspension or its duration by filing a written request with the Boulder Public Library administration office, 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302, Attn: Suspension Appeals (303-441-3106).  Such a request must be filed no more than ten days after the suspension notice was deposited in the mail, hand-delivered, posted, or published.  The patron will receive notification of the hearing date, time, and location.  At the hearing, the patron will have an opportunity to provide information as to why he/she believes the suspension should be removed or the duration amended.  Failure to appear at the scheduled hearing waives any right to a hearing.

If the suspended patron chooses to return to the library once the suspension period has expired, they must abide by the Boulder Public Library rules of conduct and/or policies. Any future rule or policy violations may result in a progressively longer suspension.

Revised February 6, 2013 by the Boulder Library Commission


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