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Checkout, Renewal and Return

Checkout limits/Loan Period/Renewal

Most Library accounts allow the following number of items checked out at any one time. “Your Lucky Day” materials and Investikit are not renewable.

Material Type Limit Loan Period Renewal
Books 40 3 weeks Yes
Audio Books 15 3 weeks Yes
Music CDs 10 3 weeks Yes
DVDs 10 1 week Yes
Magazines 10 1 week No
Downloadable audio
books & music

2 weeks No
Books in a Bag 1 6 weeks No
Wii Games 1 1 weeks No
Kill A Watt Meter 1 3 weeks Yes
NOOK 1 3 weeks No
Investikit 1 3 weeks No

See borrowing exceptions for Courtesy, Senior, Homebound, and Teacher accounts and Books in a Bag kits.

Late Fees

There are no late fees on Children’s materials with the exception of DVDs and Wii games. Senior accounts (for City of Boulder residents) are exempt from late fees on Library materials only.

Material Type Late Fees
per day
Maximum Late Fee
Books $0.20 $5.00
Audio Books $0.20 $5.00
Music CDs $0.20 $5.00
DVDs $1.00 $10.00
Magazines $0.20 $5.00
Downloadable audio
books and music
No late fees No late fees
Books in a Bag $1.00 $10.00
Wii Games $1.00 $10.00
Kill A Watt Meter $0.20 $5.00
NOOK $5.00 $50.00
Investikit $0.20 $5.00

See borrowing exceptions for Courtesy, Senior, Homebound, and Teacher accounts and Books in a Bag kits.


Eligible items may be renewed up to two times if before the due date. Renew items in person, by accessing your account online, or by telephoning 303-441-3100. You will need your library card number to renew items.

Prospector items are not eligible for renewal using the automated telephone renewal system. Please call the number above or stop by the Main library, or NoBo Corner Library, Meadows or Reynolds branch libraries during business hours if you are unable to renew Prospector items online.

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Returning Items

You can return any library items belonging to the Flatirons Library Consortium or Prospector libraries at the Main Library, NoBo Corner Library, Reynolds, and Meadows branches.

The NOOKs must be returned to the branch where it was checked out from. The NOOK cannot be returned through the bookdrop. (see fines and fees)

The Investikit must be returned to the branch where it was checked out from. The Investikit cannot be returned through the bookdrop. There is a $15.00 charge for returning them in the book drop

Outdoor book returns at the Main Library are located in the northwest corner of the Canyon Blvd. parking lot and near the southwest side of the Arapahoe entrance.

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Courtesy Due Date & Overdue Notification

Knowing when your library items are due is your responsibility! There is no grace period. To help you keep track of item due dates, the library sends the following notices:

  • Three day advanced courtesy e-mail notice
  • One week overdue notice
  • Two week overdue notice
  • Three week bill for replacement charges

Be aware that non-receipt of these notices does not release you from your responsibility to return materials on time. It is your responsibility to let us know when your mailing address, telephone number or e-mail address has changed. You must have a valid e-mail address in your library account in order to receive courtesy notices. If you do not provide us with an e-mail address, the one-week and two-week overdue notices will be provided to you by telephone. The bill for replacement charges (sent after items are three weeks overdue) is always mailed to you. To update your e-mail address, call 303-441-3100 or log on to “My Account” on the Library’s Web site (top right corner). Library accounts with items that become five weeks overdue may be sent to a collection agency.

NOTE on SPAM FILTERS: If you want to receive email courtesy notices and currently use a spam filter, don't forget to add our address ( or our domain ( to your "allowed senders" list!

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Paying Fees

You may pay any fees with cash or personal check at the Main, Meadows or Reynolds Libraries. Credit card payments can be made online using My Account, at the Main Library's front information desk or by telephoning 303-441-4107. Note that any fees totaling more than $10.00 will block your borrowing and renewal privileges.

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Blocks on Your Library Privileges

Your borrowing, renewal, and database access privileges are blocked if :

  • you have 1 or more overdue library items that have holds, or
  • you have 1 or more library items that are 15 days overdue, or
  • more than $10.00 in fees owed (see payment information), or
  • your account has expired.

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Lost and Damaged Items

When library items become three weeks overdue, a billing notice is sent stating the replacement fee. This fee must be paid if the item has been lost. If the Library item is returned, late fees are charged and the replacement fee is waived from your library account.

Replacement fee = Library's cost of the item + $5.00 processing fee

Books in a Bag and NOOKs have a separate replacement fee structure.

The replacement charge for ANY materials borrowed from a Prospector library is $40.00, no exceptions.

The Library is UNABLE to accept replacement items in exchange for any lost materials or refund the replacement fee should you locate the material at a later date.

The Library charges to replace missing parts or to repair or replace damaged library items. Extreme heat or direct sunlight may harm audio-visual library items. You are responsible for paying replacement charges for any materials that are damaged while checked out on your library account.

The replacement fee for items with damaged or missing parts is $15.00 for items belonging to the Library (see exceptions for Books in a Bag and NOOKs) and $40.00 for items belonging to any Prospector library. The replacement fee will be waived if all parts are returned, though late fees may still apply. Ask a library staff member for specific replacement fees for damaged library materials.

The Library assumes no liability for the use of audio-visual library items, including but not limited to CDs, DVDs, and videos or for the equipment on which these items are played.

If an audio-visual item that you have borrowed malfunctions or has sustained damage by the previous user, please notify a library staff member so it can be repaired or replaced.

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