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Master Plan Resources

Boulder Public Library Master Plan

Guiding Documents

2007 Library Master Plan [PDF]
2009 Facilities Sustainability Study – Final Report [PDF]
2010 Capital and Operational Needs – Study Session [PDF]
2015 Updated Facilities Sustainability Study – Main Building [PDF]
2016 Boulder Public Library Benchmark Comparison Study – Document [PDF]

Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report [PDF]
2010 Annual Report [PDF]
2009 Annual Report [PDF]

Library Commission Master Plan Study Sessions / Retreats

August 2018 Planning Board Meeting packet

July 2018 Joint Study Session with City Council

July 2018 retreat packet

January 2018 Study Session packet

October 2017 Study Session minutes

October 2017 Study Session packet

July 2017 Study Session notes

July 2017 Study Session packet

March Study Session 2017 packet

March Study Session 2017 handouts, p.3

Nov Study Session minutes

Nov Study Session 2016 packet

July 2016 retreat packet

Jul 2016 retreat notes

Jul 2015 retreat notes

Library Commission Master Plan Agenda Items

February 2018 meeting packet, p.32

January 2018 meeting packet, p.15

December 2017 meeting minutes, p.2

December 2017 meeting packet, p.8

November 2017 meeting minutes, p.1

November 2017 meeting packet, p.10

October 2017 meeting minutes, p.1

October 2017 meeting packet, p.6

September 2017 meeting minutes, p.2

September 2017 meeting packet, p.29

August 2017 meeting minutes, p.1

August 2017 meeting packet, p.14

May 2017 meeting minutes, p.2

May 2017 meeting packet, p.12

April 2017 meeting minutes, p.3

April 2017 meeting packet, p.24

March 2017 meeting minutes, p.2

March 2017 meeting packet, p.8

Feb 2017 meeting minutes, p.3

Feb 2017 meeting packet, p.23

Jan 2017 meeting packet, p.33

Dec 2016 meeting packet, p.16

Sept 2016 meeting packet, p.31

Aug 2016 meeting minutes, p.2

Jun 2016 meeting minutes, p.1

Jun 2016 meeting handouts, p.4

Jun 2016 meeting packet, p.6

May 2016 meeting minutes, p.3

May 2016 meeting packet, p.63

April 2016 meeting minutes, p.4

April 2016 meeting packet, p.20

March 2016 meeting minutes, p.7

March 2016 meeting packet, p.16

Feb 2016 meeting minutes, p.2

Feb 2016 meeting packet, p.16

Jan 2016 meeting minutes, p.5

Jan 2016 meeting packet, p.62

Dec 2015 meeting minutes, p.3

Dec 2015 meeting packet, p.11

Nov 2015 meeting minutes, p.3

Nov 2015 meeting packet, p.15

Oct 2015 meeting minutes, p.5

Oct 2015 meeting packet, p.26

Sept 2015 meeting minutes, p.3

Sept 2015 meeting packet, p.15

Aug 2015 meeting minutes, p.2

Aug 2015 meeting packet, p.12

Jun 2015 meeting minutes, p.3

Jun 2015 meeting packet, p.29