Canyon Theater and Gallery Terms of Use

Approved by the Library Commission on January 7, 2015.  Revised June 1, 2016.

We are not currently scheduling rentals for the Canyon Theater Please take a look at theater sponsorship information to see if this might work for your event.

We look forward to updating you on our progress and reopening to rentals soon.

Canyon Theater Program Sponsorship Information

Boulder Public Library provides rental of the Canyon Theater and Gallery for all nonprofit, community and for profit business groups to present and exchange views on subjects of all kinds, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations. Granting permission to use library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Boulder Public Library, its staff, or the Library Commission. No advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement will be permitted.

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and must be received no less than 60 days prior to the event.  Rental of the Canyon Theater requires a Boulder Public Library staff member in attendance to operate the theater lighting and equipment. Rental applicants must inform library staff about the audiovisual requirements of the event and any additional time needed for rehearsal in the rental application.  Time needed for event set-up and take down must be included in the reservation period request. Cleaning and straightening the Canyon Theater and/or Gallery is the responsibility of the renter. 

If a rental application is accepted, the applicant will receive a rental agreement outlining the terms of use for the Canyon Theater and/or Gallery. The Rental agreement must be signed and returned along with a $100 damage deposit. The reservation will not be confirmed until the deposit is received. The deposit is refunded if the rented space is left in good condition and is vacated 15 minutes prior to the library closing.

Canyon Theater and Gallery Information


The Canyon Theater seats 201 persons (190 fixed seats, 6 wheelchair spaces, and a maximum of 11 folding chairs which can be placed in the wheelchair spaces as well as in the back of the theater). City of Boulder fire code requires that no group exceed this capacity. Events must accommodate patrons within the available seating, standing room is not permitted. Please see the theater map [pdf] for details.

The Canyon Gallery will accommodate 350 persons, with space consideration given for current exhibit. Please see the gallery map [pdf] for details.


The Canyon Theater and Gallery is equipped with the following:

  • Ten 6-foot tables, based on availability
  • Stage lights
  • Video projector for Blu-ray and DVD playback
  • Cables for the HDMI, VGA, RCA S-video component formats
  • Three wireless connections and microphones (hand-held or lavaliere)
  • Podium with stationary microphone and CD player.
  • Groups may provide and operate their own audiovisual equipment.
  • Steinway grand concert piano may be rented for a $100 fee to be paid at the time of reservation. If the piano needs to be moved, this must be done by library and arts staff.


Groups may serve refreshments in accordance with Library Rules of Conduct.

Canyon Theater and Gallery Rental Fees

Canyon theater rental (3-hour minimum) and includes gallery if available.  Please include set up and take down time in your reservation.  Includes staff person for AV monitoring. $500
Hourly theater rental rate in addition to 3-hour minimum during regular library hours.  Includes staff person for AV monitoring $100/hour
After-hours rental fee $200 /hour
Canyon Gallery only (separate to theater rental) $100 per hour
Refundable damage deposit $100
Steinway grand concert piano rental $100 / event
Pre-event time in space (only available during library operating hours) $30 / hour

To check availability or make a reservation, submit a completed reservation form.

A library staff person will respond to confirm whether the desired date is available. Reservations are firm once the full rental fee is received.


Notice of cancellation must be received 10 days prior to the scheduled event―the renter forfeits the deposit if the cancellation is received after this time.
Terms of Use

  1. The Library Rules of Conduct apply to all persons using the theater and gallery.
  2. Groups are responsible for enforcing the room capacity.
  3. Events must begin 30 minutes after library opening time and conclude (including clean up) 30 minutes before the library closing time, unless after-hours rental has been prearranged.
  4. Groups are responsible for cleaning and straightening the theater and gallery after use and returning furniture and equipment as they were found.
  5. The individual named as the point of contact in the Terms of Use and Rental agreement is responsible for enforcing all terms and rules contained in this document, in the Terms of Use and Rental agreement, and in the Library Rules of Conduct.
  6. All trash and recyclables must be deposited in the proper receptacles.
  7. Nothing may be attached to the painted walls, ceiling, furniture, or screen in or around the theater or gallery.
  8. The library director or designee may grant permission for groups to post or distribute materials outside of the theater and gallery. See publicity and sales section below.
  9. The library director or designee may grant specific permission for any group wanting to accept donations, charge fees or admission, or to sell items or services. See publicity and sales section below.
  10. No storage is provided for groups using the library. The library is not responsible for personal property left in the building.
  11. Movies shown or recordings played must have the appropriate public performance rights. Obtaining the license and all applicable fees are the responsibility of the group. Proof of public performance rights shall be provided with the completed application and deposit.
  12. While ceremonies such as weddings and memorial services may be permitted in the theater or gallery, funeral services involving human remains (in any form or type of container) are not allowed.
  13. The library is a public space.  In accordance with its mission, the library encourages all groups to use the theater.  If the program or event is not advertised as being “open to the public,” groups using the theater have the right to limit attendance.  However, library staff cannot be expected to enforce or ensure the privacy of your meeting.
  14. The Canyon Gallery is a space of public ingress and egress. Access to the gallery cannot be restricted for private meetings, programs, or events.

Publicity and sales

Distribution of promotional or informational materials, or the sale of any products or goods must be limited to the area adjacent to the theater only during contracted rental hours. The renter assumes all responsibility of ticket sales and promoting their event. Groups must obtain a sales tax license and comply with all applicable city and state laws if any sales occur. The library may not be used as a contact for information about the event or ticket sales.

All publicity including posters and online postings should clearly indicate the name of the event sponsor and their contact information. The library does not publicize theater rentals in any form, including printed or website listings. A sign must be posted indicating that the event is not sponsored by the library. Materials may not be distributed or sold before or after the rental period.

The library reserves the right to refuse future bookings to groups that consistently fail to appear on scheduled meeting or event dates or who do not abide by the terms of use or the library rules of conduct. The library reserves the right to take photographs of events for its own records and for future promotional materials.

Responsibility for enforcing this policy and terms of use rests with the staff person in charge. The library director retains final authority for enforcing this policy.