Art of Data Vision

The vision behind the Art of Data exhibition was to encourage community members to use the City of Boulder’s data in creations of beautiful, tangible, and innovative data-driven art in order to:

  • Increase transparency and accountability in local government
  • Facilitate civic engagement
  • Create an open dialogue about important issues in our community
  • Tell better data stories and communicate key pieces of information
  • Use data to influence smarter decision-making
  • Generate ideas to fix problems that are facing our community


  • Increase awareness and use of our City of Boulder Open Data Catalog and other public releases of data

The Art of Data exhibition features local artists who used the City of Boulder’s Open Data Catalog and other public data sources as inspiration for their artwork. The exhibition runs in the Boulder Public Library’s Canyon Gallery from December 7, 2018 to February 3, 2019.  To learn more about the Art of Data concept, watch the below video published for the open call for artwork earlier in the year.

Inspiration for Art of Data

The original inspiration for the City of Boulder’s Art of Data exhibition came from a similar initiative organized by the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Our own Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Julia Richman, heard about their successful art exhibition using their Open Data Catalog and was inspired to organize something similar in our own town.  Please visit the official Kansas City Missouri Art of Data website for more background on their exhibition, which includes a short but informative video with highlights of the art featured in their exhibition.

About City of Boulder Data

Anyone can access our data in our free online catalog, which contains over 90 datasets on a variety of topics, many of which are updated daily with new data. All of the data on the Open Data website is presented in a machine-readable format (e.g. CSV and shapefiles) that can be downloaded and plugged into an analysis, mapping, or visualization tool of your choice in order to gain insights into the data. Accompanying metadata and data dictionaries present additional context to our datasets. Community members also have the option of suggesting a dataset to add to the Open Data Catalog, which will help the City boost the number and variety of data topics available for public consumption.

For community members who prefer to view data summaries of how the City is performing on select programs and goals, we have websites such as Boulder Measures that showcase interactive data visualizations created in Tableau. For more information about the different ways we are encouraging the public to engage with our data, please visit Open Data Engagement Portal.