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Saturday, Sep. 21 and Sunday, Sep. 22
The Main Library is hosting the ZEE JLF Colorado. Find out about service impacts, parking and how to attend.

Amazon Alexa

Use Amazon Alexa at home to get information about the library

The Boulder Public Library is excited to use Amazon Alexa to help you find information about the library from home! Just say, “Alexa ask City of Boulder about parking at the library.”

This service can be enabled through the Alexa App on iOS and Android as well as the web. Just search for ‘City of Boulder’ in the skill store, or use our link to the skill! Once enabled, simply say “Alexa, ask City of Boulder…(followed by your question).

Other questions you can ask about are:
Wifi availability
Checkout limits
Copy and fax machine availability
General information on getting a library card
Library hours
Parking information
Children’s storytime schedules