Recommended Read

Cover of Chasing Me to My Grave

Chasing Me To My Grave: An Artist’s Memoir of the Jim Crow South by Winfred Rembert


“Black History Month may be over, but keep it going into the rest of 2023 starting with this powerful memoir of an artist born into Jim Crow-era Georgia. Winfred Rembert faced an attempted lynching and imprisonment in a chain gang for almost a decade for daring to march for his own civil rights. He turned to art to deal with his trauma. The result? Vibrant paintings of Black life in the south.”–Syd, Main Library

Recommended Read

book cover for violetta features a women long brown hair turned to the side and some pink roses.

Violeta” by Isabel Allende

“In this novel of two pandemics, Allende weaves contemporary issues including depression, racial inequality, and political corruption with the aftermath of the Spanish Flu in the early 20th century and the mostly tragic events of the life her main character, Violeta del Valle, as shared with her grandson, Camillo. An entertaining masterpiece.”

–Neel, Main Library


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