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8x8 blocks of knitting & crochet

Yarn enthusiasts of all types (knitters, crocheters, and more) are invited to join for communal work sessions where we’ll craft pieces for the Yarn-Fiti installation this fall. This is a self-directed work session, with materials available for contributions to the yarn installation. Alternatively, bring your own project and just enjoy the social setting.  

Yarn-Fiti Work Patterns

Pattern 1: 8 x 8 inch squares
Pattern 2: Knit Bunting Flag
Pattern 3: Crochet Flower

Join us for our next Knit-In Session.


When is the exhibition?

The Yarn-Fiti Takeover Exhibit is October 31 – November 21, 2018, in the Canyon Gallery at the Main Boulder Public Library.


How will these be used?

Some of the squares will be sewn together to make 64 square hanging tapestries.
Thank you for contributing knit-crochet work for the Yarn-Fiti Takeover exhibit, October 10-17, 2018.
All finished pieces can be dropped off at the Main Library at the Accounts Desk, or at the Knit-In sessions on third Sunday of the month, through September 30.