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Masks are required in all indoor public spaces for those age 2+ regardless of vaccination status. More about the public health order.

Hours of operation have changed. NoBo Corner Library reopened Saturday, Oct 9. Reynolds Branch Library offers hold carryout appointments.

January Recommended Read

Spirit Thief bookcover

The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron

“The first in a fun fantasy series–The Legend of Eli Monpress–that features lots of humor, interesting characters, and a bit of ‘heist’-type adventure. Eli Monpress, self-styled “greatest thief of the age” and not incidentally a wizard as well, embarks on a series of ‘impossible’ heists to bolster his reputation as a great thief and also to achieve his goal of creating the largest bounty on his head of any other lawbreaker in the kingdom.The magic system is interesting and different: Common objects in this world possess spirits that can actually be communicated with. While evil wizards can force these spirits to do their bidding, Eli is a charismatic charmer, who can flatter the spirits into cooperating with him. Mystic Spiritualist Miranda, this world’s version of the magic police, is always a step behind in a neverending quest to stop Eli from abusing his wizarding powers and bring him to justice, but she is constantly sidetracked by wizarding malefactors much worse than Eli. The series gets darker and more interesting further in, but this book is a great introduction to Eli and his world.”

–Ann, Collection Development

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