plastic bubbles with writing on them next to pictures of the people who wrote the text.

Bubbling Up

Feb. 1 – March 29 at Main on the Arapahoe Ramp

“Bubbling Up” cultivates connections and fosters understanding and healing. Through story-gathering events and exhibitions, we confront racism’s impact. Bubbles serve as poignant symbols on this transformative journey, where stories mend wounds, dispel isolation and call for action. Visitors are invited to contribute their stories and responses, actively participating in the exhibition’s ongoing dialogue.

Art in the Palm: Taiwanese Hand Puppets

Feb. 1 – April 29 at Meadows

This colorful display features an array of hand puppets, each a storied character from Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage, intricately designed with elaborate outfits and weaponry. Showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of Taiwanese artisans, it’s a testament to the art form’s creativity, innovation, and its evolving tradition, offering a behind-the-scenes look at puppet-making and the enduring spirit of Taiwanese culture.

The Boulder Soul Box Project

Feb. 2 – April 28 at Reynolds

This multi-generational art project is a visual memorial honoring our Boulder neighbors who died or were impacted by the shooting at King Soopers on March 22, 2021, and calls attention to the epidemic of gun violence. Part of an ongoing national effort, The Soul Box Project uses handmade origami boxes to represent lives lost to gun violence and is a powerful reminder of the magnitude of this ongoing tragedy.

Empty Space: A LASP Artist in Residence Program

Feb. 10 – March 31

“Empty Space” explores the forces that bind science, art, and our community together. Find yourself in the cosmos, transported by art created in conversation with scientists and engineers at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), and with the help of local school groups. Artists Mario Miguel Echevarria, Alexandra Lockhart, and Clark Riley remind us how creativity fuels discovery, breaking the divide between art and science. This program is in association with the University of Colorado Boulder’s Timmerhaus fund.

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April 3 -May 29 at Main on the Arapahoe Ramp

Experience a celebration of child development, vision and creativity through art. This selection represents student creativity and connection to the curriculum from grades 1-12. Shining Mountain Waldorf School is an arts-integrated school with a curriculum infused with artistry in every subject, from history to science, math to literature.


April 10 – May 12 at Main in the Canyon Gallery

The Boulder Valley School District will hold its annual K–8 art exhibition at the Boulder Public Library. Art teachers from all elementary and middle schools will select pieces of art and honor the student artists.