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Masks are required in all indoor public spaces for those age 2+ regardless of vaccination status. More about the public health order.

Hours of operation have changed. NoBo Corner Library reopened Saturday, Oct 9. Reynolds Branch Library offers hold carryout appointments.

Interlibrary Loan

Due to the ongoing financial impact of COVID-19, we are unable to offer Interlibrary Loan service via Prospector, Mobius, or OCLC during 2021. We hope to reinstate these services in future years as the economy recovers and local library budgets are restored. Meanwhile, many Colorado libraries offer direct access to their collections to all Colorado residents through the Colorado Virtual Library’s Colorado Libraries Collaborate program. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the timeline for this change? Can I still order through Prospector before it is discontinued?

  • December 11, 2020: Last day for holds to be placed on Prospector items. After December 11, the option to place a hold in the Prospector catalog will be removed.
  • December 11-31, 2020: We will continue to fulfill existing holds.
  • January 1, 2021: All unfulfilled holds will be canceled.

What if my Prospector hold isn’t filled by January 1, 2021?

It will be canceled due to the discontinuation of the Prospector service.

What will happen to the Prospector items I already have checked out?

The due date will remain the same and items will be returned to their home library when you return them.

Why are you no longer participating in Prospector?

This decision was based on:

  • Analysis of our member library payments to Prospector and the necessity to reduce overall expenditures due to budget cuts.
  • The relatively low number of items requested through Prospector in comparison to the high volume of materials we are able to provide our communities through the Flatirons Library Consortium (FLC).
  • The ability of customers to directly access libraries across the state using the Colorado Libraries Collaborate program.
  • In 2019, Prospector accounted for just 1.22% of the FLC’s total circulation of 5.4 million items.

We will continue to carefully monitor our budgets and the costs associated with Prospector and hope that as the economy recovers, we are able to return to our previous level of service.

When will you return to Prospector?

We do not have a date at this time but are carefully monitoring our budgets and the costs associated with Prospector. We hope that as the economy recovers, we are able to return to our previous level of service.

Is Mobius also canceled? And on the same timetable for canceling non-filled holds?

Yes, Mobius is a part of Prospector and will be canceled along with it.  The timetable for non-filled holds will be the same.

Are Springer eBooks also canceled?

Yes, these eBooks are also a part of Prospector and will no longer be available to FLC patrons.

Can we still accept and receive courtesy returns from other Prospector libraries like High Plains, Jeffco, and Denver or our local schools, etc.? 

Yes, Boulder Public Library will continue to offer this service through the statewide library courier.

Will Prospector bills remain on patron accounts? 

Yes, outstanding Prospector billed items or long overdue items will remain on patron accounts until the item is paid for or returned.

Other questions? Contact us at Ask-a-Librarian or call 303-441-3100.