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BLDG 61: Boulder Library Makerspace

BLDG 61 - Under Construction

BLDG 61 is a free community workshop that provides maker education and technology to the public in a creative and inclusive environment.

The makerspace is accessed through scheduled events listed on our calendar. Tours are welcome during listed drop-in hours. The space is closed during unscheduled times.

Event Calendar & Hours

We offer a variety of workshops, classes, and trainings at the makerspace. These events occur Sunday through Wednesday.

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July 6th High Altitude Balloon Launch

BLDG 61 HAB Launch
The BLDG 61 Team will be launching a High Altitude Balloon at 11am MST (17:00 UTC). The Balloon will be carrying a sensor package that will be logging GPS location, Altitude, and Temperature. The payload will also contain the following items: GoPro Hero 6, Secondary Camera and Video Transmitter, and SPOT Tracker.

UPDATE: The payload was recovered at 3:33 MST! The GoPro footage recordered just under an hour of flight time. The full flight log data has been uploaded below.

Gallery Exhibition

A gallery show that celebrates the work of the designers, scientists, artists, engineers, and craftspeople that comprise our maker community. Showcased work will include printed materials, three-dimensional objects, kinetic, and interactive projects.  For more information, see the Maker Made 2019 exhibition page.

Maker Made Gallery Reception: Feb 9th, 6 PM
Maker Made Show Duration: Feb 9th – Mar 30th

Mend the World Project

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Makerspace Use

BLDG 61 is an all-ages makerspace. Programming will be offered for children, teens, and adults, as well as for families and all-ages groups. Age restrictions will be specified on the calendar when you register.

Access to equipment typically occurs as part of a themed workshop or scheduled guided practice.

Please review our makerspace policy and fill out our release form before attending your first event. We’ll need it on file for you to participate!

Release Form BLDG 61 Policy

Event Types

  • Workshops: offered to patrons interested in specialized equipment and class focused content.
  • Tool Orientations: offered to patrons interested in gaining experience on specialized equipment; prerequisite to attend Guided Practices.
  • Guided Practices: register for these sessions after attending the Tool Orientation for specialized equipment and start working on your own personal projects and building fluency with the equipment. Staff is available to facilitate proper use of equipment and answer questions. Some restrictions apply for time allotted on machines.
  • Drop-In Hours: are an opportunity to come by and check out the space. Staff is present to offer introductory tours and process 3D printing requests.


All library-sponsored programs, trainings, and events are free! Patrons attending Guided Practices or Drop-Ins will need to bring their own staff-approved materials or purchase materials from BLDG 61.


The following tools are available during BLDG 61’s scheduled Drop-In events: Lulzbot 3D printers, Othermill CNC machine, vinyl cutter, sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machine, looms, spinning wheels, electronics bench, soldering irons, airbrush, and more depending on availability.

The following woodshop tools are available during Tuesday Shop 61 events: table saw, jointer/planer, drum sander, bandsaw, chop saw, oscillating spindle sander, edge sander, track saw, vacuum press, workbench, clamps, various jigs, and hand tools.

The Shopbot CNC Machine and Epilog Laser Cutters are available during their respective tool orientation and guided practice events.


If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, fill out the library volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch.

Volunteer Application

Workshop Proposal

Are you interested in teaching a public class or workshop at BLDG 61? If the answer is yes, fill out our instructor application form. We are looking for serious makers to facilitate hands-on projects for our community.

Workshop Proposal

Contact Us

If you have more questions about BLDG 61 or want to get in touch with makerspace staff, use the following form.

BLDG 61 Contact Form


BLDG 61 was made possible through a generous grant from the Boulder Library Foundation.