BLDG 61: Boulder Library Makerspace

Due to staffing shortages we have had to cancel the Sunday event for BLDG61. Apologies to everyone who was planning to attend, we hope to get staffed up and be back and better than ever!
Boxes are best when you make them yourself! We loved this fine piece of woodworking completed by long time friend of BLDG61, Bob!
Ready to learn how to use low cost hobby parts to create musical instrument interfaces from buttons, sensor, and other input devices? Join us on Thursday Feb 15th at 4pm to invent your own musical devices! Sign up for the session on the calendar at 🎹🎸🥁
Did you know we have a digital embroidery machine that can do hats, hoodies and patches?? Well, now you do. (Hat design created and embroidered by Samara)

BLDG 61 is a free community workshop dedicated to hands-on learning and the cultivation of purposeful experiences through making.

The makerspace is equipped with a broad selection of tools and materials to fulfill the needs of both creative and industrial projects. Laser Cutters, Sewing Machines, Welding Tools, CNC Machines, 3D Printers, Looms, Screen Printing Equipment, Vinyl Cutters, Electronics, Woodworking Tools, and more are available at BLDG 61.
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Makerspace Schedule

For general access and tours, visit BLDG 61 during our regularly scheduled Open Studio hours on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays. No registration required. 3D Printers, Sewing Machines, Electronics Tools, Design Laptops, Vinyl Cutter, and more are available for use at this time.

BLDG 61 Event Calendar Tool Appointments

Tool Access Appointments – NEW FOR 2023

Access to our most popular equipment is now scheduled through our Tool Appointment Page.


Policy and Release Form

Please review our makerspace policy and fill out our release form before attending your first event. We’ll need it on file for you to participate!
Acknowledgement of Risk & Release Form BLDG 61 Policy

Contact Us

If you have more questions about BLDG 61 or want to get in touch with makerspace staff, use the following form.
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BLDG 61 was made possible through a generous grant from the Boulder Library Foundation.