BLDG 61: Boulder Library Makerspace

BLDG 61 is a free community workshop dedicated to hands-on learning and the cultivation of purposeful experiences through making.

The makerspace is equipped with a broad selection of tools and materials to fulfill the needs of both creative and industrial projects. Laser Cutters, Sewing Machines, Welding Tools, CNC Machines, 3D Printers, Looms, Screen Printing Equipment, Vinyl Cutters, Electronics, Woodworking Tools, and more are available at BLDG 61.
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  • For general access and tours, visit BLDG 61 during our regularly scheduled Open Studio hours: 2:45PM – 6:45PM on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays. No Registration Required. 3D Printers, Sewing Machines, Electronics bench, Design Laptops, Vinyl Cutter, and more are available for use at this time.
  • Woodshop Equipment, the Shopbot CNC Machine, Screen Printing Equipment, and Laser Cutters require online registration for access. See individual events on our calendar for details.

BLDG 61 Event Calendar

Laser Cutters

BLDG 61’s laser cutters are among the most popular tools available in the makerspace. Our laser cutters are capable of cutting and etching a variety of materials including wood, paper, fabric, and certain plastics. Access to the equipment is scheduled through Laser Cutter Guided Access time slots on the event calendar.

Laser Cutter Specifications

Epilog 40 Watt Fusion – (Manufacturer Details)

Epilog 75 Watt Helix – (Manufacturer Details)

Laser Cutter Use Requirements

  • All patrons are required to watch the Laser Cutter Tool Orientation prior to use and check in with staff before sending their first job to the equipment.
  • Space is limited, registration is required to secure your spot, ages 14+.
  • Users may only register for one Laser Cutter Guided Access event per day. Additional registrations will be canceled.
  • Users are allotted up to 15 minutes of laser operation per day and will share access to both of BLDG 61’s lasers with up to five other users during this event’s hour-long time slot.
  • Materials can be purchased from BLDG 61 or brought from home. If using your own materials, staff must approve those materials before use.
  • Be prepared – You can get help with your designs and prepare your file for cutting during BLDG 61 Open Studio hours, which run all day while other guided access events are occurring.
    • Adobe Illustrator is also available on select lab computers at Boulder Public Library’s main branch.
  • All attendees must fill out our Acknowledgement of Risk and Release Form [pdf] prior to use of makerspace.


Office Hours

If you are new to woodworking and don’t know where to begin, sign up for Thursday “Office Hours” and we can help you come up with a plan! We also recommend checking out the Shop 61 playlist on our YouTube Channel. Office Hours are the best time to get help designing or choosing a project, to have more involved woodworking questions answered, and to tour the woodshop. Woodshop sessions and office hours are scheduled through our calendar.

Machine Use

BLDG 61 “Guided Access” is time to use the tools. They are NOT group classes. Sessions are COLOR-CODED based on the level of supervision a specific tool requires. Tools in the ‘Yellow’ category require the least staff guidance. Tools in the ‘Green’ category require some guidance. And tools in the ‘Pink’ category require the most supervision. The machines available in each session are listed below. Staff are not able to change your category. It is up to patrons to select which category provides access to the tools they need. If they do not yet know which tools they need, patrons should attend “Office Hours” to make a plan for their project.

Yellow Green Pink Office Hours
Time slots for tools and processes that require LITTLE to NO supervision while working primarily at the workbench in the shop. Time slots for machines that users may need help setting up and then be run with little supervision. Time slots for machines and processes that require the closest supervision from BLDG 61 staff. Time slots for project planning and shop talk

hand tools
power drills & drivers
orbital sander

small bandsaw
track saw
drum sander
edge sander
spindle sander
chop saw
drill press
palm router
router table
vacuum press

table saw
large bandsaw

shop introduction
project design and planning
wood theory

Woodshop Safety and Use Requirements

  • Users may only register for one Shop 61 event per day. Additional registrations will be canceled.
  • Users may only register for one Pink session per week. Additional registrations will be canceled.
  • Users may only register for one waitlist.
  • Shop time and space is limited. More than one cancellation per month is very disruptive and will result in a one month of loss of access to shop 61.
  • Closed-toed shoes are required, no exceptions.
  • Eye protection and dust masks are required at all times in the shop. All additional safety gear must be worn as appropriate.
  • Long hair must be safely secured and out of the way. Loose-fitting clothing, lanyards, and other dangly items are not permitted.
  • Users under the age of 14 must be supervised by a parent, adult guardian, or teacher at all times. BLDG 61 staff is unavailable to provide this direct supervision.
  • An acknowledgment of risk and release form [pdf] is signed and on file.

Woodshop Guests and Collaborators

Up to one collaborator/partner/assistant is welcome (and encouraged!) to join you during your session. No additional registrations are required for this guest.


BLDG 61 is located in the north building of Boulder Public Library’s main branch on the first floor behind the Canyon Theater and Gallery. Metered parking is available in the Canyon and Arapahoe lots just East of the building.

Policy and Release Form

Please review our makerspace policy and fill out our release form before attending your first event. We’ll need it on file for you to participate!
Release Form [pdf] BLDG 61 Policy

Contact Us

If you have more questions about BLDG 61 or want to get in touch with makerspace staff, use the following form.
BLDG 61 Contact Form


BLDG 61 was made possible through a generous grant from the Boulder Library Foundation.