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Scavenger Hunt

An engaging artwork program created by Boulder youth 

Characters and creatures have taken over the library! Head to your nearest Boulder Library location to participate. Creatures can be found at Main, Meadows, Reynolds, NoBo and outside of Carnegie. Can you find them all?

This project was a collaboration between youth in Boulder, the Boulder Public Library and Creative Integration Initiative. In October 2022, youth submitted imaginative character designs as part of an art contest. In November, the Boulder Teen Advisory Board at the Main Library met as an art jury to vote on the selections to be used during the library’s annual Winter Reading Challenge as a fun activity for youth and their families.

Enjoy this scavenger hunt now through February 28, 2023:

  1. Pick up a laminated scavenger hunt sheet at the library (or click the link below).
  2. Read the riddles to find each character
  3. If you get stuck you can check the answer sheet on the back page to find locations
  4. Find 3+ characters = collect a sticker *One per child, please
  5. Repeat at other library locations

Winter Reading Scavenger Hunt Sheets and Answer Keys