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Donations and Collections Policy for the Carnegie Branch

The mission of the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History is to collect, protect, and make available for research, materials relating to the history of Boulder County with a special emphasis on Boulder.

The Carnegie Branch Library for Local History collects original and secondary materials pertaining to Boulder and Boulder County history.

The most popular forms of materials include documents, photographs, maps, microforms, oral history interviews, dated newspaper clippings pertaining to a single topic, scrapbooks, ephemera, books, pamphlets, monographs, and serials.

The records are cared for by professional archivists, librarians and curators whose responsibility is to organize, protect, preserve and provide access to these important documents.

The use of donated materials may include but are not limited to:

  • Under supervision of library staff, the collection will be made available to historians, writers, scholars, genealogists, and members of the general public who are engaged in research. The records are made widely available to researchers both in person and via the internet.
  • Preparing and presenting outreach programs including presentations, lecture series, workshops, and tours. In an effort to promote Boulder County history, the Library does promote programming and presentations by local historians and collectors.
  • Promoting our collections through monthly exhibit of materials at the Carnegie Branch Library. Reproductions of some photographs have been made available for traveling exhibits to the other branches of the Boulder Public Library. Materials may be duplicated by staff for the public in order to promote exhibits outside of the library.

We welcome your historical materials and monetary gifts in order to continue to enhance our truly unique collections. This can be best accomplished by ensuring that materials offered to the Library meet the Library’s collection policy.

How to donate your materials:

  • We request that you meet with our staff prior to making your donation. The staff will review your materials to make sure they meet our collection policy.
  • We require that you provide collection information for your donation using the Deed of Gift and Collections Information forms. This includes historical information about the person or organization responsible for compiling the items in the collection as well as background information that might help a researcher better understand the people, places and events in the collection. The Deed of Gift form describes the material being donated, transfers any rights to the Library and lists any restrictions on the material.

2015 Carnegie Deed of Gift| deed_of_gift_info.pdf

  • Your collection should be donated in its entirety at one time. The material should be in the original order in which it was used and/or stored and materials that do not pertain to Boulder County history should be removed.
  • It is the responsibility of the donor to establish the value of the donated materials prior to the donation, if the donation is needed for income tax purposes. We cannot provide this service for you.

Transfer of ownership

Transfer of ownership may or may not include copyright. Copyright belongs to the creator of the material or his or her heirs. The transfer of copyright applies only to those materials actually created by the donor. If your donation contains materials created by other parties (such as correspondence received from others), the copyright interests are held by those creators, though you have the right to transfer the physical object to the Library.