Mark Your Calendars for Wednesday, May 22, 2024!
NoBo Corner Library will permanently close on Wednesday, May 22. Learn more about our NEW branch location and our closing celebration.

Monday, May 27 – All locations are closed for Memorial Day.
May 24 – 27 – The Boulder Creek Festival will take place in the Civic Area near Main Library. Parking at Main Library will be closed Friday – Sunday. Find out about service impacts, parking and how to attend.

Planning a Visit to the Carnegie Library for Local History

Hours and Parking  
See the location page.  Please note, on street parking is limited.  Nearby options include a public parking lot at 11th and Spruce St., and the Spruce Parking Garage at 11th St. and Spruce St.

Class or Group Visits 
A minimum of two weeks in advance of the date you would like to visit, please email [email protected] . Staff will contact you to confirm availability. Drop-in class or group visits cannot be accommodated due to space limitations of the facility.  

Local History Resources for Educators are available online and are intended to introduce students to primary source materials including photographs, newspaper articles, diary entries, oral histories, maps, and documents. These collections align with Boulder Valley School District K-5 social studies units and may be freely used for educational purposes.

Research Services / Appointments  
The archive is open by appointment and simple research requests may be completed by email or online.   

Simple Research Requests 

To submit a simple research request such as requesting a copy of an obituary, or to inquire about additional service options, please contact us at [email protected]  

Download Digital Photos 

  • Search the catalog for the photo of interest in the online catalog via basic or advanced search.  
  • Click the “download image” option located directly above the photo viewer.  
  • High resolution files of photographs may be ordered. For details, please see Photo Requests.

Make an Appointment 

  • Search the Catalog and make a list of materials or topics you would like to research.  
  • Schedule an appointment online.  
  • Read the Guidelines for Handling Archival Materials and Reading Room Guidelines.  
  • Note that patrons are encouraged to wear a face mask while in the library building.  

Guidelines for Handling Archival Materials 

Please help us preserve the condition of the archival materials by observing the following guidelines when using materials: 

  • Ask for staff assistance if you are at all uncertain about how to safely handle archival materials. 
  • Some photograph collections have use restrictions. Please ask a staff member before copying or taking photograph copies. 
  • Always use both hands, carefully and deliberately, when holding materials. 
  • Materials should be handled one item at a time. Look at materials in each folder or envelope separately to prevent disorganizing materials.  
  • Only pencils to write or computers to take personal notes are permitted.  Writing implements such as ink pens or markers that might leave a permanent mark on archival materials are not permitted. 
  • Materials must be viewed flat on a reading room tabletop. Do not allow materials to hang over the edge of the table. 
  • Make sure your hands are clean and thoroughly dry before working with archival materials. 
  • Gloves are required for handling photographs and non-encapsulated architectural drawings. Nitrile gloves are provided. 
  • Never flip, fan, crumple, or fold the pages of archival materials such as book, magazine or newspaper pages. 
  • Avoid forcing the spines of books open to lie flat, especially on the photocopier. 
  • Do not write on archival materials.  
  • Tracing maps or other materials is not permitted. 
  • Avoid placing your note paper or pad or your computer on top of or leaning directly on archival materials. 

        Guidelines for Handling Archival Materials approved by the Library Commission on October 5, 2022. 

        Reading Room Guidelines

        In addition to the Boulder Public Library Rules of Conduct, please comply with the following guidelines while visiting the Carnegie Library: 

        • Food or drink is not permitted inside. Please leave food/drink in the entryway. 
        • Large bags, backpacks or briefcases are not allowed in the stacks. Please place them on a chair or on the floor next to you. 
        • Keep voices and conversation low to not distract other researchers in the room. 
        • Take cell phone calls outside the building. 
        • Materials may not be borrowed or checked out. 
        • Children under the age of ten must always be supervised by an adult. 
        • If the weather is inclement, please place any wet coats or other belongings on the coat rack. 
        • See Guidelines for Handling Archival Materials for information about how to work safely with archival materials. 

        Reading Room Guidelines approved by the Library Commission on October 5, 2022.