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Research Policies

Our ever growing catalog is only a small fraction of the resources available at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History. Visiting the Carnegie Branch Library is encouraged in order to make the most effective use of our archives.   Our staff will assist in-house patrons identify and locate the appropriate library, genealogical, and archival resources.  For patrons who cannot make a visit to the library, inquiries can be requested. Please see the following guidelines:

To request information through mail or email:

In writing, please provide the inquiry as well as any pertinent information including: names, dates, specific eras, places in Boulder County, as well as information and sources already found. Please be as specific as possible.  All requests will be taken in the order they are received.

All research will include the materials and databases found within the holdings of Carnegie Branch Library. For research that exceeds an hour, a charge will be applied or you will be directed to a local researchers.  Please do not send simultaneous requests to the Boulder History Museum or the Boulder Genealogical Society.

Applicable Fees

Research Exceeding One Hour: This service is available wholly at the discretion of the staff, who has determined the charges, etc. These fees are not negotiable.

Photocopying: Copies related to research made during first hour of research are $.25 per single sided page. For those requesting photocopying of entire phone books, city directories, or yearbooks, we charge $20 per hour and $.20 per page.

Mailing fee: A minimum of $2.50 will be applied to mail the information we copy to your address.