Learner Stories

Discoveries Magazine

Each year, BoulderReads learners contribute an original story, poem, or article that they have written to a new Discoveries publication. Recent editions of Discoveries are available here:

Discoveries 2023 [pdf]
Discoveries 2022 [pdf]
Discoveries 2021 [pdf]

BoulderReads Oral History Project

In 2021, BoulderReads staff began a project in collaboration with the Maria Rogers Oral History Program (MROHP) of the Carnegie Library for Local History. BoulderReads staff and MROHP volunteers have interviewed current and former adult learners, tutors, and staff about their lives and experiences with BoulderReads.

These poignant oral histories are a unique opportunity to gain a closer understanding of a few of the many incredible individuals who have made the BoulderReads community what it is for 35+ years.

Listen to stories.