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Study and Meeting Rooms Available

Arapahoe Meeting Room

If you are looking for a quiet place to study, do homework, complete work, or more, then the Boulder Public Library offers study and meeting rooms to fulfill your various needs. At a click of a button, library patrons can reserve these rooms during business hours, free of charge. Main Library 4 meeting rooms 2 […]

Canyon Theater

Thank you for your interest in the Canyon Theater! We are updating our space and reservation process. The theater is fully booked through May 2024. We have limited availability in June. Expanded availability is coming in July 2024. For June 2024 reservation requests, please use our theater request form. Be sure to review our Canyon […]

Canyon Theater and Gallery Terms of Use

Approved by the Library Commission on January 7, 2015.  Revised June 1, 2016. We are not currently scheduling rentals for the Canyon Theater Please take a look at theater sponsorship information to see if this might work for your event. We look forward to updating you on our progress and reopening to rentals soon. Canyon […]

Programs and Events Sponsorship Policy

En Español Boulder Public Library (BPL) offers a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for programs and events that bring value to the community and are aligned with BPL’s mission. Sponsorship is defined as the Library hosting of programs in library facilities that are coordinated by an outside entity and are supported or co-organized by the […]

The Digital Foundry

The Foundry workspace

The Digital Foundry is an AV studio and technology lab for teens located at the Main Branch of Boulder Public Library Teen Space.  Funding for the equipment was generously provided by The Boulder Library Foundation. The space is available for teens entering 6th grade through 12th grade. Digital Art Raster, Vector, 3D, and Animation. Use […]

Meeting Room Information

Reserve A Meeting or Study Room Meeting Room and Study Room PolicySponsorship of Programs and Events Policy and Application Study Rooms Location Number of Rooms Max Occupancy Equipment Main Library 2 2 1 table and 2 chairs George Reynolds Branch 2 2 1 table and 2 chairs Meadows Branch 2 2 1 table and 2 […]

Política de patrocinio de programas y eventos

In English Solicitud Patrocinio del Teatro Canyon La Biblioteca Pública de Boulder (BPL, por sus siglas en inglés) ofrece un número limitado de oportunidades de patrocinio a programas y eventos que aportan valor a la comunidad y que están alineados con su misión. El patrocinio se define como la presentación de programas por el Departamento […]

Política de las salas de reuniones y las salas de estudio

In English Reservar las salas de reuniones o las salas de estudio La Biblioteca Pública de Boulder proporciona acceso abierto a todas las formas de información educativa, cultural y recreativa, incluso las ideas y la libre expresión de todos los puntos de vista. Sobre la base de estos principios, la Biblioteca Pública de Boulder ofrece […]

Meeting Room and Study Room Policy

Política En Español Reserve a Meeting or Study Room Boulder Public Library provides open access to all forms of educational, cultural and recreational information including ideas and the free expression of all points of view. In keeping with these principles, Boulder Public Library provides meeting spaces for members of the local community to present and […]

Boulder Creek Meeting Room AV Instructions

Computer, printing, internet or wifi access resources are available at all our locations. Equipment Projector, 60” x 90” Screen VGA and HDMI Wall Plate Wireless Microphone System Touchscreen Control Panel Projector Instructions Connect your device. Locate the video output on your device, and then connect it to the wall plate with the appropriate cable. Lower […]