Canyon Theater Use Policy

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The Main Library Canyon Theater is available free of charge for use by individuals, and nonprofit, community, and for-profit business groups regardless of their beliefs or affiliations for gathering and presenting and exchanging views on subjects of all kinds. Organizers are encouraged to design events accessible to attendees with special needs as much as possible. BPLD reserves the right to photograph events or use of the theater for its own records and promotional materials.

Reserve the Theater

Organizers are permitted to reserve the theater up to sixteen hours per month, including up to two library-designated “after hours” evenings per month. Time for set up and take down of an event, rehearsals and other activities is included in the reservation allowance. Learn more about requesting a Theater reservation.

If the library closes unexpectedly, such as for an extreme weather event, staff will make a reasonable effort to notify the organizer with the reservation.


The theater seats a maximum of 196 people including 190 fixed seats and 6 accessible spaces. Attendance may not exceed this capacity per City of Boulder Fire Code. Events must accommodate patrons within the available seating; standing room is not permitted. Please see the theater map [PDF] for details.


Refreshments may be served during events in accordance with the Library Rules of Conduct in designated areas. Staff may restrict their service times. Refreshment service is not permitted in the Canyon Gallery. Organizers are responsible for obtaining required licensing, observing appropriate food safety practices, managing consumption, set up, serving, and clean-up of the refreshments.

Terms of Use

Event organizers, presenters, and attendees must comply with the Library Rules of Conduct and the following terms and conditions during their use of the Canyon Theater. BPLD reserves the right to refuse future bookings to organizers that consistently fail to appear during their reserved time or who do not abide by the terms of use or the library rules of conduct.

  1. Any individual’s or group’s use of the library facilities does not constitute endorsement of their views by the Boulder Public Library District Board of Trustees or the staff. No advertisement or announcement implying such an endorsement is permitted.
  2. Events must be free of charge. Attendees may be invited to donate to the individual or organization online only. Ticket sales or donations required for attendance are not permitted.
  3. Organizers are responsible for enforcing the posted maximum capacity of the theater.
  4. Events or other uses including set up can begin at least 30 minutes after the facility opens. Events and other uses, including take-down, must conclude no less than 30 minutes before the facility closes unless the event or use is approved by staff to extend after hours.
  5. Organizers are not permitted to store materials or equipment in the library. BPLD is not responsible for personal property left in the building.
  6. If the event is not advertised as “open to the public,” the organizer may limit attendance.  Staff will not enforce attendance limits or ensure the privacy of the event.
  7. Books are the only items permitted for sale during events. The organizer is responsible for all transactions, licensing requirements, sales and use tax reporting and payments.
  8. Event materials may be posted or distributed at the theater entrance or on the designated community bulletin board only.
  9. A staff member must be present during events or use of the theater.
  10. Organizers are responsible for cleaning and straightening the theater and adjacent spaces after use and for returning furniture and equipment as it was found unless the organizer has made prior arrangements agreed to by staff.
  11. Movies shown, recordings played or use of any licensed or protected content must have the appropriate public performance rights. Obtaining the license and payment of applicable fees is the responsibility of the organizer.
  12. Wedding ceremonies and memorial services are permitted; however, human remains in any form or type of container are not permitted.
  13. Organizers are responsible for communicating directly with event attendees should their event change or be canceled.
  14. Organizers are responsible for reporting to staff any broken, missing, or other issues with equipment, furniture and features.


Organizers are defined as individuals, groups, organizations who reserve the theater, coordinate, plan, conduct, facilitate and/or host events in the theater.

Events or uses include gatherings, meetings, services, activities, discussions, movies, concerts, programs, performances, and rehearsals.

Approved by the BPLD Board of Trustees on January 30, 2024.