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Security Camera Policy

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Security cameras and the associated recordings are intended to:

  • Promote safety and security of the staff, community members and library facilities,
  • Support enforcement of the library’s rules of conduct,
  • Discourage inappropriate and illegal behavior, and
  • Aid in the apprehension and prosecution of offenders.

Recordings will be obtained and used in manner that is consistent with the privacy policy.


Security camera recordings are stored digitally on hardware under the control of the Boulder Public Library District, I.T. Department. Recordings are generally maintained for a minimum of 30 days or until system capacity is reached, at which point the oldest recordings are automatically deleted.

Recordings are confidential and secure to the extent permitted by law. Typically, the recordings are not monitored or reviewed. The location of security cameras is limited to areas that do not violate a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy. If an incident comes to the attention of library staff or the contract security officers, the related recordings may be reviewed, retained, and saved for as long as necessary.


Signs are posted at the entrance of library facilities indicating the use of security cameras for monitoring and recording activity in public areas of library property.


This policy shall not impose any responsibility on the Library, its employees, or the Boulder Public Library District Board of Trustees to protect against or prevent personal injury or loss of property.

Public Disclosure

Pursuant to state law C.R.S. section 24-90-119, members of the public are prohibited from viewing security camera recordings that contain information that identifies library users.  There are very limited circumstances under which this information will be disclosed.  If the Library receives a request from a member of the public to inspect security camera recordings, the requestor will be instructed to submit a request for this information pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) C.R.S. sections 24-72-201, et seq., and Boulder Public Library District staff will determine whether disclosure is permitted.

Adopted by the Boulder Public Library District Board of Trustees, December 12, 2023.